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ResMed AirFit P10 Mask for AirMini Dubai UAE

ResMed AirFit P10 Mask for AirMini Dubai UAE 


AirFit™ P10 for AirMini™ (Nasal Pillows Mask)



  • Designed exclusively for AirMini

  • Compact, under-the-nose frame for a clear field of vision

  • Simple design for easy fitting, cleaning and assembly

A simple and easy design

The AirFit P10 for AirMini’s minimalist three-piece design makes assembly, fitting and cleaning a breeze. Key-clip nasal pillows feature color-coded sizing and left/right-orientation for fast and easy fitting. The mask easily slips on and off without any extra steps. And the AirFit P10 for AirMini’s trampoline action that lets you move around comfortably without compromising the mask’s seal.

  AirFit P10 for AirMini Usage



        Maintenance and inspection 


  1. Regular inspection of the mask and its components for signs of damage is important to maintain optimal mask performance.

  2. For a thorough inspection, you should first disassemble the mask as per instructions in the user guide and inspect each part individually.

    Checking the mask frame and tube

  3. Examine both the inside and outside of the mask tubing for any holes or tears. If damage is found, the frame will need to be replaced.

  4. Hold the frame and gently pull on each arm of the mask to ensure they are firmly attached so they can provide good support.

    Checking the nasal pillows

  5. Examine the nasal pillows inside and out for general wear and tear, blockages, damage and deformed pillows.

  6. A light squeeze on the sides of deformed pillows can help bring them back to shape. Replace them if they are damaged or no longer fit well.

    Checking the headgear

  7. Hold the headgear in one hand and run your other hand along its length. Stretch the headgear at various points to check for tears and test elasticity.

  8. If the headgear has damaged seams, is torn or has lost its elasticity, it should be replaced.

For additional support, refer to the User Guide.




Step 1: Included with your mask are three sizes of nasal pillows. If your clinician or medical provider has not recommended a size, you’ll need to try each of these on.

Step 2: To remove the pillows from the mask frame, hold the hard top above the mask tube, and then squeeze and pull the pillows out.

Step 3: To insert the pillows into the mask frame, simply press them in until the top and bottom clips click together.

Step 4: Fit your mask according to the instructions in the user guide.

Step 5: Change pillow sizes and put your mask on as many .times as necessary until you find the size that feels the most comfortable.


Fitting & Adjustment:

Step 1: Pick up the mask and ensure the labelled left .and right nasal pillows are positioned to match your left and right nostrils.

Step 2: Hold the nasal pillows against your nostrils .with one hand, and pull the headgear strap over the back of your head with the other.

Step 3: Split open the top half of the headgear, so that .the lower strap sits at your back of your head while the top strap rests on your crown.

Step 4: You can readjust the pillows by pulling briefly on the mask away from your nose to reseat them and ensure they’re upright.

Step 5: Once pillows and straps are secure and comfortable, you’re ready to start therapy.


Headgear clip tips

Step 1. If the headgear seems too large, headgear clips are available to help you adjust the length of the split-strap for a better fit.

Step 2. Attach the clips by threading either the lower or upper headgear strap through its opening.

Step 3. Try the headgear on, and adjust the strap length with the clips until it iscomfortable. For a tighter fit, shorten the straps. For a looser fit, lengthen the straps.

Note: Do not over tighten your headgear.


Headgear tips

Step 1. The headgear is designed to split open into a lower and an upper strap.

Step 2.  When the headgear is on, it should not be wrapped only behind your head. If it is, bring the top half up so that it sits on your crown.

Step 3. When the headgear is on, it should not be resting only on your crown. If it is, pull the lower strap down to the back of your head.

Step 4. Ensure that the headgear is not tangled or twisted. 



Daily cleaning

Step 1. Take the mask apart into its main component parts, namely the nasal pillows, frame
and mask tube. The HumidX cannot be washed. Set aside the HumidX in a clean, dry location.

Step 2. Gently rub each part in warm water (~30°C or 86°F) and mild liquid detergent until clean, paying attention to the pillows and its small openings.

Step 3. Rinse well under running water and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight. 


Weekly cleaning

Step 1. Take the mask apart into its main components parts, namely the frame, mask tube and the fabric headgear. The HumidX cannot be washed. Set aside the HumidX in a clean, dry location.

Step 2. Gently scrub the frame and its elbow area in warm water (~30°C or 86°F) and mild
liquid detergent with a soft bristle brush.

Step 3. Rub and squeeze the headgear in warm water (~30°C or 86°F) and mild liquid detergent until clean.

Step 4. Rinse both the headgear and frame under running water until the water is clear.
Ensure you also squeeze the headgear while rinsing.

Step 5. Allow both to air dry out of direct sunlight. 



Managing leak

Step 1. While therapy is running, place your fingers around the upper and lower areas, where the mask seals to the face, to check if air is escaping.

Step 2. If there are leaks, try adjusting the headgear to help with mask fit. Simply spread them apart to loosen and draw them together to tighten.

Step 3. You can also readjust the pillows by pulling briefly on the mask away from your nose to reseat them.

Step 4. Once the mask is secure and comfortable, you’re ready to start therapy.

 Note: When the device is running, a light breeze should be felt at the base of the vent module, but there should be no other areas of air leak. If leak occurs or continues, try refitting the cushion into the frame.



Step 1. First disconnect the air tube by twisting it away from the vent module.

Step 2. To disconnect the vent module from the AirMini tubing, simply hold them in opposite hands and twist them away from each other. If HumidX or HumidX Plus was used, remove this.

Step 3. To remove the pillows, hold the hard top above the mask tube, and then squeeze and pull the pillows out.

Step 4. To take the headgear off, pull at the fabric’s bottom end (just behind the headgear node) to find a small opening.

Step 5. You can pull the fabric up and slide it out of each arm of the frame.



Step 1. Thread each arm of the frame through the fabric openings in the headgear so that the gray side faces out and colored side faces in.

Step 2. Ensure the headgear is secured by pulling the fabric over the bottom edge of each headgear node.

Step 3. Insert the pillows into the mask frame by pressing it in until the top and bottom clips click together.

Step 4. If waterless humidification is used, simply place the HumidX or HumidX Plus into the vent module.

Step 5. Connect the AirMini tubing to the vent module by pushing their ends together and turn until they click into place.

Step 6. Lastly, connect the air tube by twisting it into the bottom of the vent module.


Misshapen pillows

Step 1. Before each therapy session, check to ensure that the inner walls of one or both pillows are not out of shape, compressed or collapsed.

Step 2. To correct any misshapen pillows, lightly squeeze the sides to release the pressure and they should spring back to shape.

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